Good news from the BBC

A couple of positive developments from the BBC have made the news this week. They’re good examples of a news company creating “good news”, not only reporting on them.

1) The BBC has been organizing the second annual World Challenge competition organized in partnership with other companies. This year’s 12 finalist projects are from Vietnam, Indonesia, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Haiti, Mexico, Brazil, Nepal, Uganda, and Afghanistan. The projects deal with sustainable algae cultivation, farming, solar and biomass cookers, education, the export of goods from developing countries to richer countries, among others. You can vote on these projects on the BBC website. The winning projects will receive funding to support their efforts.

2) Today, the British news agency reported on the results of a recent survey it conducted in 21 countries in partnership with Globescan. The majority of the 22,000 respondents interviewed said they are willing to make changes in their lifestyle in order to address climate change. Even in the U.S. and China, where the largest greenhouse gas emissions in the world are produced, around 80% of people supported a personal change in their lives to help the planet.

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