Shipping Greenland's water to Africa

From the Too Perfect exhibition: Greenland model showing receding ice thickness.

Despite the fact that over 2800 brands of bottled water are sold worldwide, millions of people still die of thirst. Subcontracted by Bruce Mau Design, Work Worth Doing designed a ‘pragmatic utopia’ in response to the proposition: ‘What if Greenland was Africa’s water fountain?’ Our job was to design a feasible approach for turning the problem of Grenland's melting into an opportunity.

Our proposed designed would capture glacial melt water and ship trillions of liters to Africa. At the same time, Greenland could profit from the sale of the world’s purest water. This endeavor was part of the ‘Too Perfect’ project of the Danish Architecture Centre of Copenhagen, Denmark. An exhibition of proposed design solutions was shown in Toronto, Denmark and Venice during the Fall, 2004.

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Four planets: the environmental footprint of the average Canadian

What’s in our front window this winter?

Four inflatable earths now fill our front window display. The banner reminds us it would take four planet earths to support the Canadian lifestyle, according to the latest Living Planet Report, published by the WWF.
However, Canada is one of a handful of countries in the world that has an […]

Reducing global warming with dust?

While we were developing the systems design for the ” What if Greenland was Africa’s Water Fountain?” exhibition, we explored different methods for reducing the melting of Greenland’s ice-caps, including setting up a satellite in space in an orbit that would reflect solar rays away from Greenland’s land mass. After learning more about satellite orbits […]

Meeting global energy needs sustainably

WWF recently released their Climate Solutions: WWF’s Vision for 2050 report, announcing their latest studies on climate change, and humanity’s ability to meet global energy needs by 2050 without raising the earth’s temperature by 2 degrees Celsius based on pre-industrial levels (The global average temperature has already risen by 0.74 degrees Celsius as of 2005). […]

Growing potatoes in Greenland

A recent article on BBC mentions the rate at which Greenland is melting… in parts of Greenland potatoes are growing where centuries before it wasn’t possible. Read the entire article here: