About us

Lorraine Gauthier and Alex Quinto started Work Worth Doing in January, 2004, after graduating from the first class of the Institute without Boundaries, where they were part of the team that developed the Massive Change project.

How we work

Work Worth Doing: a mix of various organization models
We are a studio that brings design thinking and design processes to a host of social and environmental challenges. We are a mix of innovative enterprise, NGO (nongovernmental organization), research center, activist group and design lab.

Our skills and process
Our competencies are in visual design, communications, research, and branding. As designers, we help other disciplines articulate and shape projects that address challenges that couldn’t be otherwise solved by experts working in isolation.

As a project-based studio, we follow a process that involves various skills and stages:

Our project areas
We are driven by a triple-bottom-line mandate that strives to balance people, planet, and profits. If necessary, we’ll sacrifice profits for people and planet.

Work Worth Doing articles and presentations
Work Worth Doing has written articles and has been featured in publications like dwell, Design Edge, Fashion (Canada), Core77, Monday Morning, Corporate Knights, and other Canadian-based publications. Work Worth Doing has presented its work at the ICOGRADA's Defining Design on a Changing Planet conference, Era05-World Design Congress, the University of Toronto (Faculty of Political Science), among others.

About us