Lorraine Gauthier has worked in corporate communications, educational television and advertising. For over ten years she successfully managed her own communications design studio serving corporate clients in Canada and the U.S including IBM, DuPont, Hewlett Packard, Four Seasons Hotels, Kraft Foods and the major financial services organizations in Canada. Her scriptwriting skills have earned her the Silver Screen Award from the U.S. Industrial Film Festival and the Eva Award from International Television Association. In 2003, she took a sabbatical and joined Bruce Mau and the inaugural team of the Institute without Boundaries to work on Massive Change. The following year she co-founded Work Worth Doing with Alex Quinto to champion social and environmental change. Currently she is leading the Now House™ project to create market transformation by connecting home and the environment. Lorraine is on the faculty of the Institute without Boundaries World House project and serves on the board of directors for Homes First Society, a non-profit providing housing for homeless families. She has a B.A. from the University of Toronto, a MSc. in journalism from the University of Kansas and recently completed the LEED-CI (commercial interiors) program by the US Green Buildings Council.

Steve Harjula has freelanced as a graphic designer, and design researcher while living in Winnipeg Manitoba. His interest in design ethnography and contemporary definitions of the "user" compelled him to pursue a Masters Degree in Graphic Design from the North Carolina State University. While studying, he came to recognize links between his intentions and techniques and those of psychoanalysts and artists. Currently, Steve's role is to investigate ways of working directly on the relations of knowledge that structure Work Worth Doing's practice. For the Now House Project he is trying to better recognize the social barriers that affect how individuals come to decide not to make significant energy saving changes to their home.

Current collaborator Janet McCausland

Former collaborators Vannesa Ahuactzin, Evelyne Au-Navoiz, Ravenna Barker, Kelly Cunningham, Rafael Gomez, Arlene Gould, Bjarke Hjorth Madsen, Todd Falkowsky, Jennifer Lee, Harry Mahler, Matt Munoz, Heidi Nelson, Ralf Nielsen, Andrea Pearson, Alex Quinto, Kathrine Overgaard Rasmussen, Chris Reid, Garth Tweedie, and Carla Weinberg.

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